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Just... look at the score...

take a hint from there..

nothing original, just picking up the eternally mocked clich├ęs of DBZ.. but with MS Paint drawing..

Killerratte responds:

Lawl, MS Paint ...

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A nice concept that needs -calibration-

The dynamic camera is a good idea BUT it ill implemented. Too fast, too jolty, too spastic. Try to keep the action focused some other way, perhaps lower the speed of the movement or be sure that it is at least roughly centered on your character. I think the problem is that the enemies move around too quickly and since they can fly can move almost EVERYWHERE so the camara tries to focus on all of this it gets this result.

The enemies, also come out as soon as you spawn. NOT happy at all. Get a wall on the back of the starting point so at least if you gonna get drilled you don't just die falling the split second you start the game. there's a reason why games have tutorials or begginings with little to no harms at all so the player gets used to the controls first.

I didn't quite feel the urge to keep playing after loosing lifes so easily and having the camera jumping around so much. I aint complaining that the game is hard. It's just that if it were more inviting to keep trying then it would justify it's difficulty.

Needless to say that the graphics were excellent.

The Growing fish games were more entertaining

No heart at all on this one. The -eat smaller fish to grow, avoid big fish-games have come and passed already. Unless you bring something new to the table.. you just have a tech demo of a fishy game with a spinning gimmick..

Keep it up!

There is potential to be exploited here.

Glad to see you're making this new stuff.!

You seem to be having trouble with the custom image load for custom skins. Flash's security sandbox won't let you read a local file so easily (i've tried with my own engine... but I haven't dug too deep into it though..)

Customization like this is always welcome, you can later consider also allowing people to have custom movesets and not just reskining of the single moveset within the engine.

Background music willl add to inmersion and some dead and victory animations would be interesting for when the round ends. Also consider Combo counters wich are not very hard to make.

I won't commento on the AI though because there's obvious room for improvement there and you just wanted to show the capabilites of Away3D with this.

It's a nice Beta , more of a technical Demo actually, and hopefully we'll see it blossom in full strenght soon enough!

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